Heavy Bodied, Self Leveling & Hi-Build Seam Sealers

2K Seam Sealers are two-component epoxies that can be applied to bare metal.

Heavy Bodied (SMT265, SMT26) - are non-sag, can be applied to bare metal, can be tooled immediately, and hold marks instantly.

Self Leveling (SMT267) is ideal for any flowed drip rails and roof channels.

Hi-Build (SMT268) has a thicker viscosity for controlled flow applications.

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About Kyle

Kyle Neely is the auto collision tech behind the popular videos of BlueCollarKyle, based in St. Louis. Kyle got his start working in his grandparent’s auto repair shop, going on to attend Ranken Technical College and launching his career at the age of 20.

In ten minutes or less, Kyle offers everyone a unique behind-the-scenes look into collision repair. He takes the time to explain repairs step-by-step while revealing tips and tricks for technicians.

"At age 13 my grandma gave me $20 a day to work at the shop. She was actually giving me something far more valuable than money though, my work ethic." - Kyle Neely

Our team knew immediately that Kyle was a perfect brand ambassador for our SMART product line. Pairing his expertise with SMART's cost-effective, high-performing products will help us cultivate a SMART community of professionals, in shops across the country.

Once a month, Kyle will feature one of our rigorously tested products in a repair video - presenting techniques, tips, and product feedback. Each featured SMART product will be offered in specially priced kits, exclusively for BlueCollarKyle followers.

By joining in this partnership with Kyle, we are investing in the collision repair community, encouraging industry passion and education.

Products Reviewed
SMART Premium Masking Tape
SMART Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer
SMART Ultra-Premium Glaze
SMART Self Leveling Seam Sealer
SMART Ultra-Premium Body Filler
SMART Hi-Build Seam Sealer
2K Primer & 2K Activator
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@BlueCollarKyle demonstrates the performance of three of our premium seam sealers.
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@BlueCollarKyle walks you through our 2K Primer and glaze, step-by-step.
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@BlueCollarKyle shows you SMART's Ultra Premium Body & Glaze in action.
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